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Hanhee uses only the finest, most advanced products for her facial treatments. This list of services describes each of the treatments available, however you can rest assured that she will guide you in the selection of services that specifically meet your skin care needs. Schedule a consultation today to determine which of the services are best for you.

Touch of Youth Signature Facial and Triad Peel                 Series of 4—$195 each

This advanced treatment uses a controlled triple-layered anti-aging and Vitamin C peel that exfoliates and stimulates cellular renewal for moderate to severe acne, sun damage, hyperpigmentation and aging skin. Following the peel, a soothing mask, selected for your skin type, is applied. Results can be evident immediately.

Botinol Wrinkle-correcting Treatment                                 Series of 4—$175 each

Using the latest technologies and breakthroughs in active ingredients, this wrinkle-correcting clinical treatment acts against expression lines and more. It re-densifies, smoothes and relaxes the skin, visibly reducing the appearance of expression lines and preventing the appearance of new ones.

SEA C SPA Reactivation Treatment                                       Series of 4—$155 each

This treatment renews skin by promoting collagen synthesis and replicating elastin, necessary to maintain the skin’s elasticity and suppleness. It also moisturizes, mineralizes and revitalizes the skin by improving microcirculation, cell regeneration and the skin’s natural defense mechanism.

Collagen 90-II Revitalizing and Repair Treatment              Series of 5—$160 each

As skin ages, its tissues lose elasticity and firmness, causing wrinkles to appear and altering the “architecture” of the face. This advanced clinical treatment is formulated to revitalize skin and repair the signs of aging.

Ultrasonic Treatment                                                                                               $150

Using a unique combination of ultrasound waves, this treatment creates heat in the deeper skin tissues to stimulate collagen production for the reduction of wrinkles and drives hydrating and nourishing ingredients into the skin to help repair damaged skin. Safe for all skin types. Treatment includes Algomask and thermo-plastic mask for eyes and lips.

S.T. Peel Resurfacing                                                                                               $100

The evolution of microdermabrasion treatment, this procedure has been proven safe and effective for the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles, sun damaged skin, acne scarring and superficial age spots.

Vita-Lift                                                                                                                        $150

Through its nine preprogrammed phases, this gentle lifting treatment uses a series of micro-currents to achieve visible results, improving blood and lymph circulation, firming and toning facial muscles, reducing wrinkles and stimulating cellular regeneration. Treatment includes microdermabrasion or alpha-hydroxy complex.

Deep Pore Cleansing Facial                                                                                       $90

Daily stress or hormonal changes can affect the balance of your skin. This intensive treatment is designed to bring your troubled skin back into balance by unclogging pores and removing dulling surface skin cells.

European Facial Treatment                                                                                       $90

This relaxing facial aids all skin types, helping restore skin to a healthy condition. Includes cleaning, exfoliation, neck and shoulder massage, a mask selected for your skin type, and a hydrating hand treatment.

Hydrolifting                                                                                                                 $150

This preventative and corrective anti-aging five-phase clinical treatment gives immediate “surgical-free” lifting. Exfoliates, hydrates, restores, lifts and firms.

Teen Facial Treatment                                                                                               $60

This customized facial not only purifies, but also focuses on deep cleansing and treatment of problem skin. Includes good education for proper skin care.

Deep Cleansing and Relaxing Back Treatment                                                     $60

Specifically designed for problem skin, this treatment incorporates an in-depth cleansing and exfoliation with an anti-stress massage and personalized mask.


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Touch of Youth Spa of Allen Texas offers advanced skin care services, fine skin care products and waxing hair removal services to Allen Texas residents and others in Collin County. All skin care services, including the most advanced facial peels, facial treatments and facial masks, are chosen to meet your specific skin concerns.
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